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Which are Top film Industries Of India.

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Indian film Industry is the most diverse film Industry of The world. An industry Which produces about 1800 films per year in various languages. Around 7.4 lacs employment are directly associated with film industries and indirectly they give earning opportunity to more than 23 lacs people. In 2013 Indian cinema ranked as top film producing industry followed by Nigeria, Hollywood and china’s film Industry. The overall revenue of Indian cinemas has reached 2.7 Billion USD In year 2019. These all are the achievements of the Indian film industry collectively. So, Below we would explain, which are top Film industries of India.

India is known as the most diverse country in the world. One would experience diversity in languages, Cultures, foods ,Religion etc. based on linguistic diversity ,Indian cinema is divided in various particular Industries. In this Blog let’s understand about various industries of Indian Cinema.

Hindi film Industry (Bollywood)

Hindi is the most commonly spoken language of India and This is what makes Bollywood Biggest Film industry Of India.In 2017, Bollywood had made 364 Hindi Films individually. Formerly Bollywood known as” Bombay Cinema” Then With mixing up Bombay and Hollywood, it’s got the new Name Bollywood.

The Hindi film Industry makes 43 percent of Box office collection which is the highest in the country. Major Northern And Central States of India are real markets of Bollywood Cinema.

Apart from These states, Bollywood releases their films in almost all Major cities of other remaining states.

Some famous Bollywood Actor/Actress

Telugu Cinema industry (Tollywood)

As its name suggests, Tollywood makes films for Telugu spoken language. The Indian States of  Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have Telugu Spoken people. FilmNagar, a nearby city to Hyderabad is the Home of Telugu film industry.

Tollywood receives 13 percent of the whole Indian Cinema box office collection. Despite being a regional cinema, it has a huge fan following across the nation. The Hindi dubbed Tollywood films bring a lot of revenue to their producers.

Popular Telugu Actors

which is the best film industry of India

Tamil Film Industry ( KollyWood )

The Tamil film Industry is known as kollywood. Kodambakkam is a locality in Chennai which is responsible for the Name ‘Kollywood” (Kodambbakkam + Hollywood). Kodambakkam is home to major Suiting Studios and Production Offices. 

Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India is Home of Tamil speaking people.Like telugu cinema,The tamil films also earns 13 percent of total box office collection of Indian cinema.

Kollywood has had a strong impact on other film industries of India. There was a time in the mid 20th century when madras[ now chennai] used to be a second home for Hindi cinema. All the Existing South Indian film Industry had to rely on Madras for their production. 

Apart from National Presence kollywood have fair enough fan following in Srilanka and Singapore and part of malaysia.  

Top Kollywood Actor/Actress

popular film Industry of India

Malayalam film Industry ( Mollywood)

Mollywood is the film industry of southern state of kerala. Kerala, a home of malayali speaking people, gives the 4th biggest film industry to india. As Kerala is a small state, Kollywood stakes 5% of Total revenue of Indian Cinema. Kerala is arguably the most developed state of India and the development shows in its cinema too. Mollywood films are famous for their good cinematography and great storytelling quality. Many other major Film Industries of India Copy their way of filming and storytelling. Many of its films were featured and awarded in International film festivals.

All time Malayalam Superstars

top film industries of India

Kannada cinema Industry (SandalWood)

The fifth Biggest Film Industry of India is SandalWood. Sandalwood is basically a feature film industry of kannada language of Karnataka. Bangalore is home of Kannada film Industry. Kannada film Industry is known for their Experimental and exceptional unique cinema work.

SandalWood comprises 4 to 5 percent of gross box office revenue of Indian cinema.

famous faces of kannada Cinema

How many Film Industry in South India

Cinema Industry of Bengal (Tollywood) Same As Telugu Industry.

Bengal has been the place of Art loving people. The Bengali film Industry is known as one of the Founding fathers of Indian Cinema. Many Critically acclaimed films have been made which inspire the cinema world. Apart From all Film industry Bengali Cinema did not emphasize on masala Content. They produce Parallel films instead. Parallel films means films based on real issues, the film which would educate people.

Bengali film Industry associates with West Bengal. The name Tollywood came after Tollygunge, a Film production Area of Kolkata.

Popular Bengali film Personality

Film industries of Indian States

Punjabi film Industry  (Pollywood)

The Film Industry of Punjab is sometimes pronounced as “Pollywood”. Though , There is a lot of Uncertainty for the name of Industry but major People call it Pollywood. The Homes of Punjabi film industry are Amritsar and Mohali.

Before the partition of India, Lahore was the home for Punjabi Cinema and It was moving fast forward. But, the partition derailed the pace of Punjabi Cinema . Later, The Big names of Punjabi Cinema ,like prithviraj kapoor, Devanand, Dilip Kumar opted to work for Bombay Film Industry.

As of Now The Punjabi Cinema has come a long way, it has its Fan Following in Canada, United Kingdom And  United State. The Beat of Punjabi Music dominates the Indian Hindi  film Industry as well.

famous Punjabi Celebrities.

how many Film Industries In India

Bhojpuri Cinema Industry. ( BhollyWood or BhojiWood )

Bhojpuri cinema is the Fastest growing Regional Cinema of India. Bhojiwood is the Regional cinema for Bhojpuri Speaking People of Eastern UP, Bihar And Jharkhand state. The First film Of Bhojpuri Cinema Was released in 1963. Till then , The Industry has seen lots of Ups And Down but now It is a 2000 crore industry.

Bhojpuri cinema has its international presence in countries like South Africa, Fiji,Guyana, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago. A large number of Bhojpuri Speaking people live in these countries. 

Popular Bhojpuri faces.

names of various film industry of India

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