Most popular intel agency in World

Top Intelligence Agencies of the World

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It is not the Defence unit who protects The country single handedly. The Accuracy and dedication of secret intelligence units back the forces to execute their duty. Every Year Each and Every sovereign country of the World Spends Billions of Money to boost their Intel Unit. This shows the importance of intelligence to a Country.

While Watching SPY Movies, Streaming Any Documentary or Reading About any Heroic of intelligence agencies, we often intend to know What are the Top Intelligence Agencies of the This Article We would talk about Nations and their Intelligence Agencies.

 CIA-World best intelligence Agency

best Intelligence Agency in the World.

Central intelligence Agency Of America  is What makes the United state the most Powerful Country of The World. America has Military bases across the World and with the help of This human based intelligence service , the US dominates the world in military affairs.

Apart from national Security and Military cooperation, the Central Intelligence Agency helps America to increase their dominance in the Economy sector.

Osama Bin laden, Sadam Hussain and the heroic Assasination of ISIS Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi are some recent major successes of the American Intel Agency.

Founding year    –    September 1947

Headquarter – Virginia, George Bush centre of intelligence, US

Number of Employee-  21575

Estimated Budget- As per 2013 report ( 15 billion Us Dollar)

Reporting – President of United State

Secret intelligence Of Great Britain- MI6

Top Popular Intelligence Agencies of World

The Second Most strongest spy Agency is MI6. Britain had a history of Dominance over World Resources.Once, The most of World Countries were the British Colonies. Now , those nations are Known As British commonwealth countries. Out of 54 Commonwealth nations 16 members are headed by Queen Elizabeth II  and the rest 33 are Sovereign republics.

British intelligence agencies have the most number of Agents as they have to assist and protect the interests of their Commonwealth nations Too.

Founding year- July 1909, 112 Years Ago

HeadQuarter- SIS Building, London

Number Of Employee-  2594, * As per 2016 Data

 Budget- 3.02 Euro billion, *As per 2018 Data

SVR RF, The Russian foreign Intel Agency

Spy Agencies Of The World
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World politics runs around the acts of the US and Russian. We often get to know rival stories about these two Superpowers. It is believed that the only intelligence agency which runs parallel to the CIA is Russian SVR RF. Russia Still fights the Strategic cold war With Us to gain The World Supremacy. 

Founded Year-  December 1991, before 1991 Russian Intelligence Worked With name KGB                        first chief Directorate.

Headquarters-  Yesenevo And Moscow

Numbers of Employee-  Not Disclosed

Budget-   Not Disclosed

Head- President of Russia

Indian Intelligence Agency

India is arguably the Second most Strongest Country of SouthEast Asia, After its independence in 1947, India has gone through 5 International wars , four With pakistan And one With China. During its tenure of Less than 75 years, India has come a long way in Defence and intelligence. The Asia Continent has been going through lots of conflicts and these conflicts always affect India in Direct or Indirect Way. So, only Strong Intel Input would avoid any mishap and Conspiracy. Now, the Indian Intelligence agency has a count in top intelligence agencies of the world.  

Famous Intel unit/Agency Of the World

Research and Analysis Wing(R&AW)

From 1923 to 1968 The Indian Intelligence system was run by the British made Intelligence Bureau (IB) but, After Two Wars with China And Pakistan[1962&1965]. The Indian Governance and Military had jointly intended to form a Cross Border intel Unit to gather more and relevant information.

Founding year- September, 1968

Headquarter-  CGO Complex ,New Delhi

No of Employee- Undisclosed

Annual Budget-  Undisclosed

Head responsible- Prime Minister of India  

MSS{ Ministry Of State Security} China’s Intel Wing

Richest intelligence Agency of World

China is one of the Superpowers of the World. No other country in the world has achieved what China has done in the last three decades. The post World War II era has seen many strategic and Trade related Cold war. If one has to sum up the world of now then it is a global Village connected through Various Trade Activities. In recent times china has to face many trade related insurgencies from other Superpowers. 

China has one of the best Intelligence Agency of World and with the help of intel they come victorious with all major threat issues. 

Founded year- July, 1983, (1955 to 1983 CID was Responsible for Intel Input)

Headquarter- Beijing

No of Employee-  Undisclosed 

Early budget- $Billion, *as per 2018 FY Data

Department- State Security Council

Mossad[ Intelligence Agency of Israel]

Israel intelligence Agency, the powerful

Israel is the Only country in the world which has existing border Disputes with all its neighbouring countries. From its very independence in 1948, Israel has been confronting neighboring states like, Gaza, turkey, Egypt ,Lebanon etc.

Israel happens to confront all these threats with help of Its Strong intel Unit Mossad. Israel is a less populated country but they are king in Defence technology and they have one of the strongest intelligence Agency of World.

Founded Year- December ,1949

Headquarter- Tel Aviv

No of Employee- 7000 estimated

Annual budget- 2.73 Billion USD

Reporting Office- Prime Minister office of Israel

Foreign intelligence Wing of France[ DGSE]

Powerful Intelligence Agency of World

France is a Veto power country. In the Field of Defence and Intelligence they are the old players. The  Director General Of External Security( DGSE) is the foreign intelligence unit of france. With Active participation in Both World Wars they have proved their fighting strength to the World. Now, With help of intelligence and Defence Technologies, They live parallel lives as other Super Powers.

Year of founding- april, 1982


No of Employee-  7000

Annual Budget-$ 731807192..50 + Special fund

Head of unit- Ministry of Defence

German Overseas intel Agency(BND)

Nations and their Foreign intelligence unit

One of the strong confronters of World War. Germany still has a strong hold in the Intelligence field. Who Could forget The Hitler who had put the whole world in bloodiest second world War. 

Federal Intelligence Service often Known As the  BND as per its German Name Bundesnachrichtendienst. The Intel Unit has Strong hold In Europe and they protect their interest with this. Their Activeness makes them one of the top intelligence Agencies of the World.

Year Of Founding- April ,1956- previously Monitored as Gehlen organization

Headquarter- Berlin

Number Of Employee- 6500, * As per 2019

Annual Budget- 1.3 Billion US Dollar

Reporting Authority- German chancellery

ISI ( Pakistani Intel Unit)

Intelligence Agency Of World

Pakistan became a sovereign nation in 1947, Since Then It has fought Four War With India.Three pertaining to kashmir Issue and one For East pakistan. Surrounded by Countries like India, Iran, Afghanistan, China, they have some serious threats on them. Pakistan had witnessed two coups and had always dealt with  Islamic Extremism. With All these Serious Problems, their Intelligence Unit( Inter Services intelligence) give Strength To them. 

Founded In- january, 1948

Headquarters- Aabpara And islamabad

No Of Employee- Not disclosed

Annual Budget- Not Disclosed

This are the list of some Top intelligence Agencies of the World.

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