The Deadliest Militant Groups of The World.

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The whole world has been the victim of terrorism in one or another way.More than 110000 people have lost their life in various terror activity in year between 2007-2017.In 2014 Millitancy was at peak and this cost life of over 43000 people.Millitant based terrorism have spread all over the word but Middle East,African and South East Asian nation recordes 95% of global Millitant activities.The Current situation in Afghanistan has once again reminded the world,the very need of accumulative effort to counter Terror.This blog is a brief explanation of some of the deadliest militant groups of the world.


  • Region Of Operation- Afghanistan, pakistan
  • Purpose- To Establish Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan
  • Current Prominent Leaders- Abdul Ghani baradar,Hibatullah Akhundzada
Militancy Wings in Southeast Asia

Origin Of Taliban

  • 1994- Taliban means Students(talib).In 1994, When Several Afghani Islamic Groups were fighting against the Soviet government.Taliban a group of Pushtuns ethic group from eastern and southern Afghanistan emerged as a new faction in the ongoing War.Major taliban members were students from local islamic schools, That is why it was named as taliban.
  • 1996-2001- Under the leadership of Mohammad Omar (Founder of Taliban), Taliban formed a government over one third of Afghanistan with strict sharia law. Womens were deprived of study and leadership. Mens and youth had to follow a strict islamic routine and attire.
  • 2001-2020- After Attack on the twin towers (popularly known as 9/11) by Al Qaeda in 2001. American troops invaded Afghanistan and dethroned them from power as they had been sheltered to Al Qaeda chief Osama bin laden.

From then to 2020, They fought against America backed Afghanistan forces and NATO Troops to regain the Power.

Source Of Revenue (2001-2020)

  • Opium and Heroin production- Taliban directly do not involve in opium and heroin Farming but they levy taxes on farmers in order to give them protection from military and other legal  threats.
  • Drug trafficking- They get millions of dollars from their international drug trafficking rackets. Their Drug Network has spread all over Asia, Africa and Europes. They also have reach in the American and Australian Continent. 
  • Donation- Donation from Gulf countries is the main source of revenue for Taliban group operations.Especially nations like Qatar and Dubai has been their main Sponsor during insurgencies.
  • Taxes-  They Have made various checkpoints in their captured area and Collect Transport taxes. Apart From transport tax, They collect Tax from Goods Supply in their Territory.

In 2021

More than 3500 troops of US & Allied forces have lost their lives in the twenty year of the Afghanistan War.After All these fatalities US and Taliban Agreed to sign a deal in February last year (2020). In Doha, the United State has agreed to Withdraw their Forces in 14 months. 

As per deal US had Withdrawn their troops and In less than 10 Days Taliban Forces captured all major provinces including capital of Afghanistan ‘kabul’.More than 300k Afghan Troops have surrendered to merely 60k to70k of Taliban Militants.

Now, Taliban had regained the Governance From 15th August 2021 onwards.


Richest Militant Group of The World

ISIS would always top the list in the deadliest Militant groups of the world. Who Could forget those beheading videos of innocent citizens.

ISIS ( Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) is also known as ISIL ( Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) is sunni jihadi millitant group who call themself caliphate and claim authority over Muslims of all over World.

  • Operating Nations-Active in- Iraq,Syria,Lebanon and palestine 
  • Motive & Goal- To Establish Sunni Islamic Sharia governments all over the World.
  • Current leaders-  Abu ibrahim Al hashimi, Abu fatima al jaheshi

Brief History of ISIS

  • 1999- The root of ISIS was founded by jordanian Abu Musab al- Zarquani in 1999 as Jamaat al tahwid wa-al jihad 
  • 2004-  When(2003) Us led Forces invaded iraq in suspect of weapon of mass Destruction and to End Saddam Hussein Support to globalm terrorism. Zarquani came under the influence of Osama Bin Laden and formed Al qaeda Iraq(AQI) which became a major militant force in the insurgency.
  • 2006- This year the founding person Musab al-Zarquani died and Al qaeda iraq (AQI) created a new faction group Islamic state in iraq (ISI). With the Help of Sunni tribesmen who were opposing the brutality of ISI, US Led Forces Shrieked their Effects in the Adjoining Area.
  • 2010- The Us Detainee Abu Bakar al- Baghdadi had become the leader and he rejuvenated the ISI. he dared to Challenge the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by founding Al-Nusra Front (A Syria based group). Deadliest Activities had started in Syria under supervision of Nusra front.
  • 2013- In 2013 baghdadi announced the merger of the iraq and syrian faction of militant groups to form a joint force named as “Islamic state in Iraq and levant”(ISIS)
  • 2014-2015-ISIS was at their peak in 2014 as they  shifted their focus to Iraq again from syria. Baghdadi was able to create tension between the Sia led government of Iraq and Minority of Sunni Group from Arabs. A Civil war has started and With Help of Local tribes groups and Saddam Hussaen Loyalists, ISIS took control over Central city Of Fallujah in Iraq.

Isis took over the northern city of mosul in june 2014 and after this they have accelerated their act of genocied to some minor ethinic groups. The Looting, kidnaping,Mass killing, Taking control over Government Resources and Minor Cities had shaken the World.

Till End of June 2014, They have taken direct and Indirect Control over Dozen Of Cities Of Iraq with their brutal militant fighters. 

By the End Of 2014 isis declared Abu bakr al-baghdadi as caliphate and Renamed ISIS as “Islamic State

  • 2015-2018- After Declaring as Islamic State with their winning territory. IS has started targeting Bomb Attacks Outside Their Territory. In 2015  It had claimed the killing of 228 onboard people of a Russian passenger plane in the peninsula.In the Same year they have claimed killing of 128 people in paris. They Had been involved in many Such small and big heinous acts.

From 2016 to 2018 , IS fighters had to face joint attacks from Syrian State Force, Iraqi forces and the UN Forces. The fall has started as They Were not Capable to Counter the joint operations. By the End Of 2017 ISIS have lost their control over 97% Of captured territory to the State forces of Iraq and Syria.  

  • 2019– In October 2019 The Leader of Islamic State Baghdadi killed himself in Syria During the raid of US Army.

Where did they get all the Money From?

  • Oil and Natural Gas Resources-  ISIS took over control of 60% oil resources and some of the major Natural gas refineries of iraq. They Sold Oil in Black Market with a margin of 40% -70 % against international oil prices. With natural gas and Oil ,They made millions of Dollars.
  • Kidnapping and ransom- ISIS hates any ethnic group other than Sunni. They consider themself children of Allah and all others as non liveable. They did kidnap tourists and Officials of other Countries and Communities in order to get Extortion. According to Forbes ,Various governments have paid more than 125$ till 2015 as ransom.
  • Bank Robbery and Looting-  Bank Robbery was one of the minor sources of revenue for them.Apart from bank robbery, Their Militant were involved in looting cargo ships in Iraq and Syria Water. 
  • Taxes- ISIS collected tax from people and businesses in their captured territory.


Hamas is a palestini sunni ethnic group based militant and nationalist organization. Countries like the US, European Union, Canada, Israel and Japan had declared Hamas as a terrorist Organisation. The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Paraguay have declared their Military Wing as a terror organization. The Whole Muslim world including China, Russia and brazil do not consider Hamas as terrorist organization.

  • Region of Presence- West Bank and Gaza Strip
  • Goal- To Establish an islamic Government in Palestine and liberate the covered area by Israel.
  • Current prominent leaders- mousa Abu- Marzouq, Ismail haniyeh   

                                      Wings Of Hamas

  • Consultative Councils-  The Political Representative Council of Hams is Known as Consultative Councils.
  • Social Service Wing- Hamas always show their adherence to egyptian Aim Muslim Brotherhood. They have a charitable social wing known as Dawah. They Offer Nurse Service, Community kitchen and fund for madrasa in palestine.
  • Military Wing- The name of Hamas Military wing is Izz-al-din-al qassam brigade. They fought with the State army of Palestine and Israel.

Brief History Of Hamas

  • 1960 to1986- The Founder of Hamas participated in charitable work  in the Gaza Strip and West Bank which Israel had occupied in the historic Six Day War of 1967.
  • 1987- Sheikh Ahmed yassin Formed Hamas Soon after Egypt announce their philosophy of Muslim Brotherhood and The first Anti israel movement by Palatine People erupted.
  • 1988- Hamas Rejected the Deal of the Palestine Liberation Army with Israel which started the Conflict with the State Government.
  • 1989-1995- During This Period they have invaded some military and commercial  establishment of Israel Government in west bank and gaza Strips.The israel Government had detained some of their key leaders and military commanders.
  • 1996-2001- In 1996 They established their commercial centre in Jordan.Hamas Shifted their prominent leaders to Jordan but in 2001 they had to move their commercial establishment to Syria. The Jordan asked Hamas to leave the country as they killed palestine people in gaza Strips and in paletine which was against the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • 2001 To 2007- in order to maintain peace in the region The Palestine Liberation Army had invited Hamad to share power within the political establishment .As Hamas were becoming more violent with their suicide bombing and public place Bomb Blast Activities.
  • 2007-2021 – In the General Election of 2006 , Hamas got a majority of the Seat and formed a government with another party of Ismaeel Haniyeh. 

In 2007 The coalition split and Hamas with its Military Wing took over the palestine.

Since Then the Major countries of World imposed sanctions on them and They are still fighting the deadly war with Israel.

Source Of Income

  • Donation– All The Arab Countries Like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Qatar sponsor Hamas millions of dollars per year. All Muslim World Consider It as a war of Muslim brotherhood.
  • Goods taxes – They Levy taxes on goods like Electric product, vehicles, Daily Essentials entering to Gaza Strip
  • Businesses- Hamas Runs Multiple Hotels, fishing Hub, banking institution etc

Note- Hamas has not been declared as a terrorist organization by many major countries .The attempt had been rejected by Un assembly too, so, It is on reader conscience whether they consider their act as Terror Activity or not.


Top Terror organization on the Earth

Hezbollah is a Shia supported political organization and Militant group of Lebnan. Most of the Countries including Gulf countries and European Union have considered the Military wing of Hezbollah as a terror Group.Russian and Syria do not see Hezbollah as a Terrorist organization.

  • Active Nation- Lebanon
  • Purpose- To establish a Shia Islamic Government in Lebanon
  • Founded By -Syyed Abbas al Musawi
  • Current Head- syed hasan Narallah 
  • Founding Year-  1982 ,
  • Major terror Activities-  Created a Counter Army Within the Lebanon against Lebanon Army and participated in the South Lebanon War against South Lebanon Army. 

Killing of Several Leaders of other etnic Groups


  • Local Business Mans are one of the major sources of funding for Hezebollah. They Collect  protection money from leading Business firms of lebanon. 
  • Donation- Western sources say , Most of the Military equipment and training is being provided by Iran and Syria.
  • They Collect Donation from lebanon Diaspora in Africa, Especially who involve in illegal Diamond Trading
  • Taxes by Shia- Hezbollah have strong Support from the Shia Ethnic group of Lebanon. They all pay taxes to the Hezbollah Organization.
  • Drug Trafficking- Hezbollah has a strong drug trafficking chain in countries like the United State,  Africa , Mexico, Brazil and in Neighboring nations. 

Al Qaeda

Bloody Militant group in Arab

Al Qaeda is a Multinational Sunni ethnic based terror organization. It was founded by Osama Bin laden and Abdullah Azam in the Soviet-Afghan War of 1988. Al Qaeda had been declared a terror organization by the United Nation Security Council and Nato Group Of nations. All major nations e.g , China, European Union, India have declared them as a terror wing. Al Qaeda has been the linking entity amongst the deadliest militant groups of the world.

Al qaeda considered as the father  modern shia – Sunni conflicts in muslim World.

  • Operating nation– Multinational Organization
  • Aim- Global jihad Against Christian and jewes. Militant Group consider christian and Jewes threat for Islam.
  • Founding Year- 1988
  • Founding members- Osama bin laden , Abdullah Azam and Volunteer from Saudi.
  • Current Chief- Ayman al jawahiri ( In 2011, us Forces had killed Osama Bin laden in Abbottabad, pakistan)
  • Major Terror Attacks- Twin Tower Attack of 26/11, 2002 Bali bombing, 198 United State Embassy Bombing,

 Source of Funding  

  • Saudi Businessman’s– Osama bin laden came from a wealthiest family of Saudi Arabia and He had a vast link amongst the wealthiest people of Saudi. Al Qaeda gets its major funds from there.
  • Voluntary funding chain- Al Qaeda has global Reach , During the laden Tenure they got money from Muslims across the World with their Offices in major nations.

Lashkar E Taiba

major Terror organization of World

Lashkar e taiba is a Pakistan Based terror organisation. In 1988, Hafeez Saeed and Abdullah Azam had founded lashkar e taiba with funding from Osama bin laden. United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia ,India and Nato organizations have considered lakshar as a terrorist organization.

Pakistan under Us pressure have also declared LET as a terror group and Banned it in pakistan.

  • Operating nation- Pakistan and Indian kashmir
  • Purpose-  To Free Indian Administered kashmir and joint it with Islamic republic of Pakistan
  • Founder- Hafeez Saeed, Abdullah Azam
  • Year – 1988
  • Major terror Activity- 2001 indian parliament Attack, 2008 Mumbai Attacks, 2019 Pulwama Attack
  • Current leader-  Hafiz Saeed , Zakir Raehman

Source Of Funding

  • ISI- Inter State Intelligence of Pakistan provide them military training and Weapons.
  • Businessman of Pakistan- LET has its strong hold in the wealthiest community of Pakistan, They Get Fund From them to Spread terror in Kashmir.
  • Pakistani Diaspora in Foreign- The Pakistani People in Countries like UAE, United Kingdom, United State are the financial Support for The Terror organization.

These are Some of the Deadliest Militant Groups of the World. You can Also read about Which country has top Intelligence Agency in the World

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