tips to manage mental health in pandemic period


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As the Covid-19 virus is raging across the world, strict health restrictions have been imposed on us. Everywhere people are leading abnormal lives. The ongoing pandemic has changed our lives in unimaginable ways. Amongst lockdown and maintenance of social distancing, two of the most important compulsions imposed by this virus, our day to day lives have been disrupted severely. With the imposition of lockdown, schools, colleges as well as offices closed, we’re living most of our lives virtually. So, it’s very much natural to feel overwhelmed while isolating ourselves completely in our homes. This virus has brought on many concerns apart from the innumerable loss of lives. People are facing financial crisis, scarcity of food supplies, transport problems and numerous other problems.  In the midst of all these, you may, sometimes, notice yourself getting increasingly anxious about what the future will bring. This is completely normal considering the current situation of the world. However, we have to learn how to manage our worries and look after our psychological health. Here are some helpful tips on how you can manage your mental health in this pandemic.

how to manage mental stability in Corona period
  • Learn to manage your stress

Pandemic induced stress is very much common currently. We are worried for ourselves as well as our loved ones, and being holed up in our homes can help with decrease in the spread of virus, but it has a negative effect on our mental health. You have to learn to cope with the stress that these worries are causing. One of the most helpful ways of managing stress is to exercise.  Exercise helps in increasing our metabolism level. This effectively decreases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, which effectively helps us in managing stress in a more relaxed manner. It makes us feel as if we are in control of our own lives which stress has earlier robbed us from. By exercise, I don’t really mean sweating it out in the gyms. Absolutely not! The gyms are closed anyways. Instead, go for some free hand exercise, do some yoga, clean the house etc. The bottom line is- BE PHYSICALLY ACTIVE AROUND THE HOUSE. If you take care of your physical health, then only you can think of caring for your mental health.

Consume news selectively

With the onset of this pandemic, there are gallons of information coming in from various mediums like news channels, social media platforms, word of mouth etc. This can overwhelm any person, and affect their mental health adversely. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that all of this info is true. 

  -Be aware of fake news, regarding the virus, which we have seen going viral instantly. We know the power of social media         nowadays. Anything and everything can spark a fire. Be sure to assess the credibility of the news.

– Take a break from the news channels often. I know it is important to stay informed about the virus, but not at the cost of your mental health. The media houses have a tendency of sensationalising their content in order to gain a higher TRP. While they gain more views, it leaves common people with increased anxiety.

– Reduce the use of social media too. While it’s tempting to scroll through Facebook and Instagram, it is these platforms where the most number of fake news circulates. It does your mental health no favour when you casually scroll through Facebook and randomly come across a worrying piece of information. This could elicit overthinking in you which, in turn, can cause distress. 

  • Keep in touch with your loved ones

While it is difficult to keep connections with your loved ones amidst quarantine, try to maintain your relations on virtual platforms. This will be not only helpful for your mental health, but it will improve your personal relationships also.

– You can video call your relatives or friends or colleagues to enquire about their well-being. Seeing their faces through a screen and talking to them can create an illusion that you’re near them. This can create mental strength in you.

– Set up a common WhatsApp group in which you can share common interests and activities

  • Take a day as it comes

Instead of focusing on what the future may bring, focus on the present. If you are someone who has, currently, food, shelter, and clothing sorted, then focus on the fact that you’re better off than many out there. Do not obsess over the uncertainty of your future. Rather, focus on trying to get through the present day. 

  • Spend time with yourself

Now is the perfect time for some self-love, and what better way of improving your mental health than a healthy dose of self-love.

-do things which you love but due to your busy life, previously, didn’t get a chance to do.

– learn new things. But be aware of this fact and do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself.   Lockdown doesn’t mean that you have to learn a new skill and perfect it. Just do it for fun. 

– learn basic cooking skills. This is a very useful skill which comes handy from time to time. Learn to make your favourite dishes now that you have time.

  • Put in place a daily system

Create a daily routine which you can put in place for this lockdown. Many people have found it helpful to stay in a structured manner. It helps in their mental health as a pre-planning system makes life easier, especially in these times.

  • Try to maintain a journal of your feelings

Writing and keeping track of your feelings can help take care of your mental health incredibly. It can provide you with clarity regarding your feelings. 


We all know that coping in the pandemic is hard. But when things get tough, try to keep in mind the larger perspective- this will end one day. The world will return to normalcy once again. Till then, hold tight and take care of your mental health. these are some way to know how to manage Mental health in Pandemic.

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