Community Media and & Rural Development

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Rural development has been the focus of each and every medium of communication from its very evolution. Before diving into how community media has played a crucial role in rural development.Lets talk about what is community and what do we understand by Community media.


If people with same interests,same culturals,same customs,same linguistics live together in the same geographical conditions then they are known as a Community. 

For example- Indian is a diverse country and based on language and customs,it has been divided into several states. This is one of the examples of Community.

Community Media

If a media is covering and producing its content for a particular group of people who share the same interests, customs,languages and live in a particular area then that Media is known as Community Media.

Role of Community Media in Rural Development.

Community radio– Community Radio stations are the one of the best examples of community or rural development. 

The core purpose of a community Radio station is overall development of the particular society.They always broadcast the content which would educate the community in the field of Agriculture,health, governance and planning,And Conservation of natural Resources.

Newspapers and magazines–  In Print Media, many newspapers and magazines like- Mahila dakiya and Khabar lahariya are some weekly and monthly journals which educate the concerned society. Many religious and non organizationals have also their periodic journals. The purpose of community magazines are the same as the aim of community radio.

Television channels- 

 Doordarshan has been the top listed broadcast channels in terms of development communication. They always broadcast content for social and community development.

With help of their 17 regional and 2 National channels they educate society on almost each and every topics.

Examples – DD KISAN is the dedicated CHANNEL FOR AGRICULTURAL AWARENESS, Health Updates is the programs to be updated with several health Issues.

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