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Best Online Learning Platforms

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The Internet and technologies have brought drastic change in the education system.If we analyse the past 5 years from the education point of view then we would find that e-learning has had a huge impact on the students of the new generation.Multiple online learning platforms have been launched to give smart education to students.we would talk about some best online learning platforms of the time.

There are a variety of elearning platforms available nowadays.Some of them are providing skill development programs others are providing study materials regarding your study discipline.There are many platform who gives you professional degree or diploma program too.They have tie up with some of the eminent universities to facilitate these degrees to the aspirant.

In this article you would get to know about some of the best online learning platforms of various disciplines.

Top Online learning/elearning platforms for skill Development.

1.Google Learning platforms 

free online learning sites

 If you are a digital geek and want to gain some essential skills to increase your productivity and employability then google has various skill development courses available for you.

In this era of the internet, knowing about digital terms and its functioning would help you to stand apart from the crowd.A certificate from google could change your status and way of working.

Here are some Google Platforms

 Digital garage

Digital garage is one of the learning platforms provided by google.Here, you would get various fundamental courses related to Digital Marketing and How to enhance your online presence with google.Digital garage also provide some fundamental courses related to language skills and basic coding.

The best thing about  Digital garage is it will keep evaluating your understanding after every module you complete with assignments. You can also achieve a certificate after completion of the course end assignment exam. All the online learning courses are free for everyone.

Google skillshop

This is the most followed and used elearning platform of Google.Here you would get a variety of courses related to digital can simply register yourself for free and start learning some trending and important skills of the time.

Skillshop provide courses in three stages

          Beginners level courses

          Intermediate level Courses

          Advance Courses

If you want to learn internet Marketing,Google Analytics,google ads technique and many more digital related skills then google skillshop is the best option for you.You can also take certification exams after completion of your respective course.


popular e learning platforms
image courtesy- swayam

Swayam is one of the best online learning platforms provided by the Ministry Of Human Resource And Development(MHRD) of the Government of India.There are about more than 500 short term skill development courses  available on the platform.

If you have had a dream to learn skills from faculties of eminent institutes like {IIT,IIM,Delhi University,IGNOU etc] then there are numerous short term courses of various streams available on this elearning platform.Some of the major streams are Engineering,Personality Development,Social Science,Journalism,Photography,Politics ,History and many more.

Every month Multiple courses Start here. You have to keep an eye on the platform,if you want to pursue a course of your choice. All courses are also available on mobile App.

You can pursue multiple courses of your choice at the same time.You can also achieve a certificate for your online course. This is totally a free e-learning or online learning platform.   



Coursera is the one of the world’s best elearning platform.On this online learning platform you can learn various skills through short term courses from some of the world’s best institutes.

There are plenty of courses of each and every niche available on coursera. You don’t have to pay for some fundamental courses but there will be a charge for your advanced skills courses.

If you really want to achieve some skills which would be recognized by multinational companies then coursera is the best option for you.

Linkedin Learning

top skills learning platforms

If you are a working professional or going to be a working professional then Linkedin learning platform will be the best learning platform for you.As we all know linkedin is the specific platform to connect with working professionals across the globe so learning from here will be a profitable one. 

Linkedin learning platform is totally a industry oriented online learning platform so if you want to bring some crucial soft and hard skills in you then linkedin elearning platform will be the good one.You just have to register yourself with linkedin through web or mobile app and that’s it you are ready for learning with a professional site by the expert of industries.

HubSpot Academy

If you are looking for cheap and effective skills development courses with recognizable certificates then Hubspot would be a great platform for you.

Hubspot Academy is very famous among the students who want to learn some tricks of contemporary e-commerce marketing and internet blogging. There are multiple free and paid online skill development programs available on this online learning platform.

Best Online learning/elearning platform for competitive academic exam preparation.


top platform for online learning

Byju’s online learning platform is the most trending elearning platform for comparative and academic exams in India.It is a venture of think and learn private limited.It was founded by mr.Byju ravindran in bangalore South India.

Byju’s platform is widely followed by students who prepare for competitive exams like SSC CGL,UPSC,Railway,Engineering Services ETc. Academic students who are in schools are also subscribers of Byju’s. Byjus has a separate learning platform for kids and that is simply known as byju’s  kids learning.

This is not a totally free of cost site to learn. Some tutorials are free but you have to pay for most of the tutorial.The best thing about this internet learning platform is you can learn here with specific topics or lessons too.

Altogether,this is a worthy internet learning platform as it has qualified teachers with effective teaching skills.


best online learning apps forcompetition

This is the one of the best online learning platforms for government exams preparation and Competitive entrance exams like JEE, Neet etc.It was founded by an ex-IAS officer mr Roman saini.

Unacademy has separate video tutorials for each sector like, Banking exams,SSC,UPSC,JEE and NEET.

In Recent years it has emerged as a most valuable platform for elearning among the students. 

Khan Academy

 This is one of the oldest online learning platforms. Basically it deals in academic background. It is quite famous among students of schools. 

It provides subject wise tutorial to the aspiring student.In its video tutorial you will find lots of animation and graphics.This graphical and animated representation of the concept loved by the student.

If you have a child or a young fellow in school then you should opt for this khan Academy.

Other Platforms

 Youtube has numerous free of cost channels available for academic and competitive preparation. You should explore some youtube channels related to your exams.

Many channels have more than millions of subscribers and they stream good content too.

Top online sites for Degree or Diploma Programs

 If you are working professional and want to add a degree or diploma with your profile then you can do so.there are numerous platforms which provide you degree like MBA,Data Science etc and diploma in Specialised  subject.These all platforms are affiliated by some of the eminent institutes. 

Here are some e-learning sites for degree and Diploma

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