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India is country of vast Cultural and traditional richness. And, Foods are something that play a vital role in integrating numerous cultures together. We cherish the cuisines specialities of each and every Society as ours because, We all know why people love Indian food. it reflects the “MAA KE HAATH KA KHAANA,” right? Even if we Indians are traveling to the any part of world, . we keep searching  for Indian restaurants in other countries too. Am I right?

Indian recipes are so complex because they require many different spices and lots of prep and cooking time. That’s why Indian food is something that is not easy to whip ourselves. So, if you are often being skeptical, what to order from the Indian Menu? Wait, I have a solution for you. Be it North-south- West or North-East, India has something special for everyone. 

#  Top Breakfast picks 

  1. DOSA 
Best Indian Breakfast to Try.

Dosa comes from the Southern part of India, which is made of rice and lentils. It is a thin pancake and slightly sweeter than Naan.  Stuffing like potatoes, peas, and vegetables gives this an amazing taste. It is usually served hot, dipped in various chutneys, as an accomplishment to a curry meal.

But sometimes, it is eaten as snacks (popular as street food in India). Example- Masala Dosa

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If you are thinking about ordering starters/snacks, the best fast food you can opt for is Pav Bhaji. You can find Paav bhaji in any corner of India. Made of buttered bread(Paav) and a  thick vegetable curry(Bhaji) served with finely chopped onion and a slice of lemon. 

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It is a typical Punjabi dish consisting of deep-fried bread(Bhature), and a thick curry of chickpeas(Chole) is also street food and is available very easily in our country.

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Samosa is very popular among Indians. There are snacks usually served at Tea Time and at Breakfast too. It is a triangular snack with a stuffing of potato containing onions and peas, served with mint and tomato chutney. 

  1. DHOKLA 
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Dhokla is a snack/breakfast dish from Gujarat made of fermented rice and chickpea batter. It is found all around the country but is best to have in Gujarat. 

# Famous Indian Main Course,You must Try.

  1.   BIRYANI
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Biryani is a classic royal dish that Persia brought to India by the Mughals. Rice and meat are separately prepared and then combined to slow cook in the oven to create this aromatic “Dry Dish” (Without gravy). 

Typically Basmati rice is used, and the meat (goat, chicken, or mutton) is marinated first in yogurt. Spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom add a different kind of flavor to the dish.

You won’t regret ordering Biryani!

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It is a Rajasthani special dish which consists of a lentil (Dal) prepared to serve with a thick hard bread (Bati) cooked in a traditional oven and a type of ground wheat food called Churma cooked along with sugar in Indian butter(Ghee). It’s too fatty yet too delicious.

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It is a typical Punjabi delicacy in which lentils and beans are cooked traditionally with spicy masalas, with a lot of butter and fresh cream to give it a final touch.

Which are Special food In India.

Indian Thali is a combination of different kinds of food items from various places in India. It is the best version to try several items at once. It is available throughout India with different variants like North Indian Thali, South Indian Thali, and many more.

In My opinion A thali would be the best Indian food you should try.


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Naan and Paratha are the popular varieties of Indian flatbreads, where Paratha is made with whole wheat flour on an iron board(Tava), and Naan is oven-baked. 

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Paratha is such a flatbread in which every stuffing gets an amazing taste. But, it has to stuff with vegetables like potato, reddish, onion, cauliflower, cheese. People love to have this with chilled yogurt or pickle, or chutney. These are the best flatbreads that you need to try once. 

Which are best Indian Cuisines to Try

The word “Rumal” is a Hindi word for “Handkerchief,” and so this bread resembles one; It is very large in shape and thin as cloth and served Folded like a Napkin. If you want something lighter than Naan but still want to eat something good, you can surely try this.

#Delicious Dessert Popular Across The nation. 

Delicious Desserts food of India.

A delicious dessert of India is made of Carrots(Gajar), milk, ghee, and sugar and with lots of dry fruits, including mainly sliced almonds. Indians get crazy in winters to have this dessert. However, it is available in all seasons but tastes best in winters with fresh seasonal carrots.


It is the most famous dessert of Indians. These are small deep-fried balls of dried milk, slow-cooked and then boiled in sugar syrup (Chashni). This dessert, along with a scoop of Non-Indian Vanilla ice cream, is worth a try for you all.

  1. JALEBI 
Which are some best cuisines of India.

This dessert is of a wheat flour batter deep-fried in coil shapes and then soaked in sugar syrup (Chashni) and served hot. Some people love to have this with a cold dessert named “Rabdi.” This combination of Hot Jalebi and cold Rabdi makes a perfect combination together. It would be best if you needed to try this once in India.

  1. Rasgulla(Sponge)
Which are some top Indian Desserts.

This sweet dish comes from West Bengal and is known to be the national favorite. It is commonly prepared by cooking dumplings made from Indian Cottage cheese in sugar syrup and then chilled.

  1. LADOO 
Best Indian food to try once in life.

Lastly, Ladoo is a ball-shaped sweet famous in the Subcontinent made of flour and sugar with other ingredients that vary with the recipe. Different kinds of Ladoo are available in India, such as Besan Ladoo, MotiChur Ladoo, Boondi Ladoo, and many more. It is very popular at festive times or religious occasions. Therefore, it can be easily available all around India. 

Now, I hope you can finalize your dish from the Indian Menu easily. I hope you all like it!

Above are some of the best Indian foods you should try by my recommendation. Here are list of famous Indian Cities and Their Special Cuisines.

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