best daily habits for a happy life

Best Daily Habits for a Happy Life.

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It is well said “you don’t create your future. You create your daily habit and, And They create your Future.” We as human beings always look for ways to a balanced and happy life but it is very sad that most of us won’t be able to find it in our life. It is found in a survey that 83 people out of 100 are struggling with their daily routine. They do not have any planned or disciplined daily routine .Most of unhappiness comes from the minor ignorance that People do in their day to day life .Below we would talk about some Best daily habits for a happy life.

Exercise or Yoga

best habits practice  for a healthy life

According to the World Health Organisation{WHO} Every person in the age group of 18 to 60 should do physical exercise for 150 minute to 300 minute in a day.

People often relate exercise with gym but one can do all the major exercises at their home for body fitness.

How Exercise/Yoga Helps ?  

Reduce Overthinking.

Overthinking is something that would lead you toward a dark phase of life.It is found in various studies that Overthinking can make people mentally seek. Exercise and yoga are the two things that could help humans to fight this habit of overthinking.

Yogas like meditation ,Stretching, and Exercises like running would always help you to give some freshness to your mind.

Increase productivity.

A productive person always lives a successful and responsible life. Everyone has the same 24 hours of the day but a person with a clear mindset with some set of discipline would always win the race against those who do not have a set of disciple in their life.

A day started with yoga and Exercises would always be a plus point in productivity.Yoga and exercises opens the body so that a person can not feel laziness at workPlace. 

Enough hours of Sleep

Top 5 daily habits for healthy life. how enough Sleep will help in happy life

Depriving yourself from enough sleep is a habit which would have bad consequences. Now, we have smartphones with high speed internet connectivity and we spend most of our sleeping time watching online stuff. 

According to science every age group has to adopt different sleeping hours and people between the ages of 18 to 64 should always take 7 to 9 hour of sleep.

How Do Ideal Sleeping Hours help?

Sleeps Effect immune Function

A good sleep always improves the immune system. Nowadays ,You would see people rushing towards hospitals and clinics. This shows their Immunity is not good.A person With Strong immunity would develop less symptoms to diseases and a enough hours of sleep has direct connection with it.

Sleep Affects emotion and social Interaction

Humans are Social Animal right, A bad sleep would always impact your behaviour and interaction with other kinds of people in society. You would not be able to understand other people’s feelings or emotions if you don’t get a fair amount of sleep everyday. 

Good Sleep Could Improve Concentration and Productivity.

Concentration on work always defines the productivity of any person. A healthy Sleep would help you to do your work with extreme focus. A work done with extreme focus would always increase your productivity at workPlace and Social life too.

Good Sleep Reduces the Changes of Depression.

A healthy mind is the soul of a happy life. Everything that you do in your whole life has a direct connection with mind. This is the era when the whole world is facing lots of changes in each sector.These all major and minor changes come with certain stress levels and these stresses would make you depressed,if you don’t follow good and disciplined habits.

A good Sleep would be a plus to deal with all these stresses and will definitely reduce chances of Depression.

Eat Timely And Healthy Food.

How healthy food will help to live happy and healthy life.
best habits for good lifestyle

A balanced, hygienic and nutritious food is the most essential need for a healthy body and a happy life. We always divide food intake in three schedules: breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Modern day Dieticians also suggest adding two snacks in between.

Refrain from junk food and having nutrition rich food at a very certain schedule of time would make your body,Mind and soul energetic. Our body needs a certain amount of calcium,protein, vitamins and fats.a habit of maintaining the balance between them would be very beneficial.A healthy Food would contain all these things. 

  Timing ,Best daily habits for a happy life

BreakfastBetween 7;00 AM To 9:30 AM
LunchBetween 12:30 PM To 2:00 PM
SnacksBetween 5:00 Pm to 6:00 PM
Dinner Before 8:30 PM

Benefit of Healthy Food Habits

Better mode and high Energy level.

Healthy food will always bring freshness in your mood and you will be gaining a certain positive energy level every day.A happy and healthy life depends on mood and work energy level of the person. 

So, having healthy and balanced food will add up productivity and freshness in your working life.

Improve Memory Power and Brain Health.

Brain is the powerhouse of the body,so its health level will have direct relation with the entire body process and its individual and social activities. A food with rich nutrition gives memory enough energy so that it can function well. 

Refrain from diseases.

A bad food habit with lots of junk food or a food lacking nutrition is the root cause of most body diseases.So, having a healthy food habit reduces the risk of diseases. An ill free body would create a healthy surrounding near them.

Laugh and appreciate

how laughter and appreciation would help in happy kife

Our society is more of sadness and criticism than laughter and appreciation.  Most of us are practicing these ill practices in our day to day life. This is a bad habit. It always stops you and the people around you to do something new and productive.

You have to adopt a new and fresh habit of laughter and appreciation and this habit will somehow bring happiness in your life.

Benefits of Appreciation And laughter.


Laughter will bring a new, fresh kind of joy in your life. It is often seen that a person full of laughter will have a healthy and longer life. A person who always laughs would bring less stress around them.They always bring light in person around you. 

A laughing and stressless person would always easily fight with life problems.


It is not criticism which always motivates the person to do something reliable but Most of the time an appreciation would encourage a person to do things with more energy.

A person who always criticises possesses negative energy around them ,people often refrain themselves from making contact with them.

So, start Appreciating and that will change your way of living life. You will be loved by people and you will always feel a positive kind of energy in you.

Appreciation and laughter is one of the Best daily habits for a happy life.

Increase Socialisation

how social life is depends upon good habits

The internet and technologies have brought immense changes to bring ease in human life but in these ease humans have forgotten that they are a Social animals. Social media and digital content are leading humans towards a life full of isolation, anger and depression.

You need to adopt habits that would maintain balance in social and virtual life.

How can you increase your social presence?

Hangout with Friends and family 

A physical hangout with people close to you would increase your relationship bond with family members. Stand out from the crowd to connect your close one with an electronic way every time. Being with them will have a good impression in their mind.

Make Contacts

Close contact on virtual platforms is not as reliable as physical contact. Go outside, meet with people around there, talk with them,listen to them. This habit will make you a socially informed person.

Participate in Social Events

Social Events are the small or large gathering of people who share the same interests and participation in these events would create a valuable image of yours in your society or outside of society. 

Benefits of Being Socially Connected.

Make you responsible person

If you are socially connected, you understand the very nuances of society.This habit brings some sense of responsibility into your mind.

Make you eligible to understand people’s emotions.

Society is full of happiness and sadness. If you are socially connected then you would be able to participate in people’s good and bad times so the people would do the same with you too.

Decrease isolation

Isolation is the most dangerous thing for human life. Isolation Always brings a sense of fear, unwanted Anger and lack of decision making power. Being socially connected will always help you to make distance from all these unwanted life situations.

Increase quality in  life.  

A quality life is nothing but a life full of joy and happiness with sharing love with people. If you are connected with society then you would be able to live a quality life .

These are some best daily habits for a happy life.

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