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3 Best Dog Breeds For Your Kids And Family

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There is a say” Animals are better friends than human being”. Though, This saying implies all sorts of Animals but Dogs are the one who have proved the above statement the most. From the very Ancient time to the Modern era, dogs have been the most family friendly pet. so,If you are planning to add a member that could make your loved family bond even more Stronger, Then, you should know about these 3 best dog breeds for your kids and family.

The best part of having a pet dog is ,even your child can play with them and there would not be a fear of harm.

These are the most popular, smart, and family loving dog breeds — 1. Labrador Retriever, 2. Golden Retriever, and 3. Beagle.

Want to know more about them? Keep reading!

Research says that some dog breeds even help us get rid of clinical depression. Here you’re going to get the detailed information regarding all these three breeds. 

Labrador Retriever– Most loved breed for a happy family

Best Dogs breed to have in India.

This dog breed had originated in the province of Newfoundland, Canada. But their qualities will excite you more than their origin. Being lively, playful, and smart, these medium-large dog breeds do well with any family. Labs are suitable for your small kids too as they’re patient and don’t get irritated easily. So chill! They can tolerate a few jolts or tail pulling. But don’t let your kids do that because of their calmness and good nature. 

Since they love to stick around you, it’d not be a wonderful decision to adopt a Labrador if your home becomes empty in your absence. There should be other family members to cheer them on and play with them. Labradors are outgoing and high-spirited. 

 You have to Accompany them, take them on regular walks, and don’t leave them alone in the house for a long time. Labs love to please their owners. This quality makes them highly trainable. They’re one of the most obedient dogs you can ever think of.

  • Care

In the case of a Lab you may not emphasize grooming but brush them daily as they shed to a great extent. Daily brushing to remove the dead hairs will help you maintain your home hygiene. Regular bathing and grooming are not crucial; twice per month would be more than enough. Check their ears and trim their nails; every dog needs these little health check-ups frequently.

As Labradors were bred for fishing, a regular walk to the beach or a park with access to pools would be the best exercise for your dog. Their high-spirited body needs a fair amount of exercise for being physically and mentally fit. Swimming is a great exercise for Retrievers.

Training is another fundamental aspect of dog care. Lack of training may turn them mischievous often. Their gentle behaviour and obedience increase with daily training. Start twenty to thirty minutes of daily training from an early age and soon you’ll get to see results.

Golden Retriever– A intelligent Breed You Should have.

Top sold dog breeds of World.

Golden Retriever was bred in Scotland during the mid-19th century. As their name suggests, they used to retrieve hunted birds like water-fowls and ducks. So whenever you’re thinking of having this breed, keep in mind that they tend to carry things in their mouth.

Golden Retrievers are vibrant, friendly, playful but also calm, cute, and intelligent at the same time. That’s why the this breed is one of the best dog breeds in the world. They are among the 4th most intelligent dog breed and their popularity across the globe is wondrous. Unlike Labradors, Golden Retrievers are obedient and easy to train. Their calm and genial nature makes them suitable for kids and other pets. 

  • Care

Their long hair sheds a lot. Moderate shedding during summer and winter; and heavy shedding in spring are noticeable. Their long hair may look attractive and fascinating, but you need to brush them regularly to well-maintain their hair. Besides occasional nail trimming and frequent teeth brushing, their ears need good care. Bathing twice a month is good to go. 

These breeds love to stick around people and may suffer depression and separation anxiety if left alone for over 5-6 hours. Since they belong to the sporting group of dogs, they need a good deal of exercise. Swimming is a great physical exercise for these incredible swimmers.

Focus on early socialization and training to make them even more bright and jolly. Be cautious while feeding because they tend to become overweight. Consult a vet if you face a weight issue or any kind of abnormal behaviour in your dog.

  1. Beagle 
Best Dog breed for family safety.

Beagles are a breed of hounds that were bred primarily for hunting. Beagles are moderate-sized hounds and perfectly suitable for small apartments. They’re playful, high-spirited, and can be slightly rambunctious sometimes. Exploring outdoors and following smells are in their genes. Always monitor their notorious movement while wandering with your Beagle.

Besides being energetic, their tolerance and calmness make them suitable for children. Being a clever and independent dog breed, they won’t follow your orders blindly. To train them properly, one must be patient. While left alone for a long time, they bark and howl and increase their tendency to chew. They rank 7th on the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog breeds list.

  • Care

You need not spend plenty of your energy to take care of a Beagle. Regular grooming is less important for them because of their short coat. However, groom regularly if you’re able to do so. It is good for not only Beagles but all dogs. Their floppy ears need extra care to avoid any kind of infection. Don’t forget to brush and trim nails frequently. Regular brushing is important in spring because during this season you may notice heavy shedding.

As mentioned before, exploring outdoors is in their genes. So regular outdoor exercise is obvious for a healthy dog. It can be a walk on a leash or romping in a park. 

To train a Beagle may be a bit difficult task but not excessively exhausting, rather it could be fun. You may have to tolerate their chewing tendency and stubbornness for a few days, but every behavioural difficulty in your Beagle is fixable. you have only one mantra to train them — “Patience with consistency”.

Top family Friendly dog breeds.

People also consider several other breeds as wonderful family dogs. Some small breeds or even some large breeds do quite well with families. Certain guard dogs (e.g. German Shepherd), if properly trained and socialized, can be excellent family dogs. You can have German shepherd too over the suggested top 3 Best Dog Breeds For Your Kids And Family.

Before buying any breed or adopting any dog, consider your lifestyle. Some are aggressive or good guard dogs, while some others are extremely amiable. No matter whatever breed you choose, take good care of them. Else, you may face frequent health issues which are probably not going to be a pleasant experience for you.

These are the 3 best dog breeds for your kids and family.

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